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​As modern dairy farmers increasingly turn to technology to optimise their milk production and cows’ well-being, we at DeLaval add value by meeting and exceeding our customers’ requirements on quality, productivity and safety. Our integrated milking solutions are designed and built to meet the needs of dairy farmers in more than 100 countries around the globe.

​Herd management reduces burdens on dairy customers around the world

The dairy business requires farmers to oversee animal care and health, daily milking operations, and commercial deliveries. Any tools that can help manage these challenges provide welcome relief. And added profits.

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ is an advanced herd management tool that analyses the milk of each cow and flags animals that may need attention. It detects mastitis up to three days before physical signs become visible, so that sick animals can be treated earlier, limiting production losses and the intervention of veterinarians and antibiotics – which can cost up to 630 euros per case.

High performance dairy cows are also more prone to metabolic disorders. Herd Navigator helps identify cases of ketosis, where immediate treatment can prevent milk losses of up to 600 kg per cow, per lactation.

Finally, Herd Navigator identifies which cows are in heat with an astonishing 95% accuracy, making it possible to increase pregnancy rates after insemination up to 50%. This can improve the productivity of the animal and reduce the costs and labour related to insemination.

This multiple award-winning system is unique, and we confidently state that farmers can earn up to 250 euros extra per cow, per year, with Herd Navigator.​

Teat spray robot wins gold medal in Dairy Herd Management

DeLaval teat spray robot TSR won the Dairy Herd Management 2015 Innovative Product Award at World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin, USA. The stand-alone robots are designed for high-capacity operations, where cows are automatically sprayed during rotation, and mesh with DeLaval’s external rotary parlours. Over thirty of these state-of-the-art systems are installed. DeLaval TSRTM was officially launched in 2015, and is now sold in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

Farmers worldwide are enjoying increased productivity and lower costs as a result of the efficiency of DeLaval TSR™​. With its speed and accuracy, DeLaval TSR™ can pre- or post-teat dip up to 400 cows per hour, replacing the manual labour needed for this task. Uniformity of spray results in consistent application of teat disinfectants, leading to better cost controls.

DeLaval TSR™ improves profitability by improving animal welfare. The technology ensures cow health by optimising udder and teat condition, thereby minimising mastitis and its associated costs, including involuntary culling. With robotic precision, each teat is thoroughly and identically treated. Cows are kept calm by the consistency and predictability of the operations, adding to the predictable barn environment necessary for maximum productivity.

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