​​​​​​​​​​​​​OceanBlu™ advances ​teat health without iodine

DeLaval pioneered another advancement in animal health and welfare with our innovative OceanBlu™ Pre and Post Dip and OceanBlu™ Barrier. OceanBlu™ increases the effectiveness of germicidal action through our patent-pending GlyTec™ technology, based on glycolic acid, which is a natural milk component. This proprietary non-iodine formulation gives farmers a new tool to help improve udder hygiene and milk quality. OceanBlu™ anti-bacterial agents combine with skin conditioners to provide a reliable and powerful means of mastitis control.

The exciting new technology behind OceanBlu™ has led to one of the most successful new product launches in the history of our animal health and welfare area, with sales in the first three months far ahead of expectations. Repeat orders and continually growing sales in early 2016 demonstrate the customers are happy with the control of mastitis the product delivers, and can also clearly see improvements in skin condition, especially in recent periods of extremely cold weather.

OceanBlu™ has the potential to save time and money. Both the dip and barrier applications are ready to use, eliminating the need for mixing and special equipment. The dip is compatible with DeLaval VMS™ robot. The barrier provides continued disinfection between milkings, an additional protection which can reduce veterinary costs. With OceanBlu™, DeLaval continues to support farmers with safe, effective means of ensuring herd health and farm profitability.