DeLaval technology

Our role as a global company is to team up with our customers to support them with world-class technology and knowledge they can use to improve the efficiency of their farms. One example of this is our robotic milking systems.

​​​​​​​​​​​DeLaval Cleaning Analysis DCA: a double winner at EuroTier 2016

A key factor to high quality milk is a clean milking machine. And a clean milking machine is dependent on effective, thorough cleaning procedures. This is why we developed the patent-pending DeLaval Cleaning Analysis DCA, winner of “Innovation of the Year 2017” in the milking technology category and winner of a silver medal for innovations at EuroTier 2016.

DeLaval Cleaning Analysis crew accepting awards from EuroTier 2016

The only way to ensure that all internal milking pipeline surfaces contact cleaning solution is by propelling an appropriately dimensioned slug through the system at an appropriate speed. But this makes cleaning effectiveness difficult to monitor. The DeLaval DCA is a systems engineering tool that allows the effectiveness and efficiency of the mechanical and thermal cleaning processes – crucial to unimpaired milk quality – to be monitored and measured during cleaning. It is innovative in that it uses a proprietary algorithm to automate the way slugs in the milk line are analysed. Characteristics of the slugs are determined by two wireless vacuum sensors; their number, volume and strength are analysed throughout all cleaning stages; and the result allows vacuum levels, water volumes and cleaning solution concentrations to be individually and optimised. The result is precise cleaning that helps prevent microbial counts from increasing in milk, thereby preserving consistent high quality and avoiding forced price reductions in case of non-compliance with thresholds.

The DeLaval DCA, which builds on our proprietary front-line test system – DeLaval performance tester VPR200 – is clear evidence of our relentless innovation. Our aim at DeLaval is to provide novel solutions to help our customers achieve sustainable and profitable farms, and we are honoured to receive the “Innovation of the Year” award for the third time. It is a recognition that certainly encourages us to continue innovating, especially considering that DLG – the organiser of EuroTier – is an open network and expert voice speaking on behalf of the agricultural and food industries. Criteria for selection included significant characteristics such as optimising labour management, facilitating work safety and driving down energy costs.