Sidel SBO Universal Machine

Sidel helps Nestlé Waters achieve worldwide energy savings

Nestlé Waters has carried out a worldwide energy saving programme at its production sites. Sidel has supported the world’s leading producer of bottled water in this programme and the result is overwhelming: the customer has reduced energy consumption by 20 per cent, meaning a saving of more than 1 million euros per year, which is equivalent to turning off 20 preform ovens.

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Gebo Cermex packer machine

Long lasting partnership between Gebo Cermex and Unilever materialises in a 30 per cent line capacity increase

After a thorough evaluation of different suppliers, Unilever Durban in South Africa decided to acquire a new SF39 bottom-loading vertical case packer from Gebo Cermex, part of Sidel Group. Installed at the Maydon Wharf factory, the equipment is enabling the plant to better respond to market growth, by significantly increasing its production capacity.

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Gebo Cermex can conveying

Gebo Cermex secures Cambrew’s leadership position in the Cambodian beer market

The new high-speed can complete line – incorporating the latest equipment from Gebo Cermex – is delivering 120,000 cans per hour, allowing Cambrew, Cambodia’s biggest brewery and home of the iconic Angkor Beer, to support its market growth.

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Algar Agro oil bottle

Sidel collaborates with Brazilian producer on “world’s lightest PET bottle for edible oil”

Sidel worked together with Algar Agro, a large, privately-held food company, active in the Brazilian market, to produce the world’s lightest 900 ml PET bottle for edible oil. By reducing the total weight of the finished container by 22 per cent, the customer has also achieved significant cost savings – to deliver, package and transport the finished product, while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the production equipment itself.

Additionally, the bottle was redesigned without changing its well-established look and feel, a key requirement to win consumers’ preference.

Edny Valente Lima Filho, project manager at Algar Agro comments: “The success of Sidelwas assured by the know-how demonstrated during the negotiations to propose and ensure the new bottle for vegetable oil – the lightest in the world, according to our market studies.”

Nongfu Spring Water Bottle with woman drinking water in the background

In China, Nongfu Spring invests in a second Sidel line

Following the success of the fastest-ever Sidel PET Combi line for 4 litre water bottles supplied to Nongfu Spring in 2014, the major Chinese bottled water producer has invested in a second Sidel bottling line to extend its production capacity even further.

In 2014 Nongfu Spring switched its 4-litre family size bottle from High Density Polythylene (HDPE) to PET. The company was looking to create a bottle able to stand out on the supermarket shelf, while increasing its production capacity and efficiency to meet growing market demand and ensuring a more cost-effective and sustainable production process. By investing in the fastest-ever Sidel PET Combi line for 4-litre water bottles - running at 14,000 bottles per hour – Nongfu Spring achieved its targets, while strengthening its position in this market segment significantly. Based on this success, recently the company renewed its confidence in Sidel by acquiring a second line, enlarging production capabilities while achieving a great level of performance.

Gebo Cemex EIT AQ-clock interface on screen

A new version of EIT with built-in-intelligence

Gebo Cermex – part of the Sidel Group - has launched a new version of its data acquisition system, EIT™ v6.0. Evolving and adapting to latest industry’s demands, this modular and responsive solution incorporates a new web-based interface design and two user-oriented modules: EIT AQ-Clock, offering real-time measurement of accumulation, and EIT Audio, designed to send voice messages to plant operators.

EIT™ stands for Efficiency Improvement Tool, a system developed by the company in 1996 and currently installed in more than 60 countries. Over the past 20 years, the tool has been helping producers to optimise efficiency and improve productivity, by giving all packaging line staff real-time access to relevant and actionable information on performance, quality, product losses and other related production issues.

Recording production data and events 24/7, EIT™ provides a wide array of metrics to help users boost line performance. The new version maximises operators’ awareness, responsiveness and effectiveness.

Sidel bottle filling machines

Italian bottler achieves 95 per cent efficiency by investing in Sidel’s aseptic combined blow fill cap solution

Fonti Di Posina has become the first bottling company in Italy to invest in Sidel’s aseptic and environmentally-friendly combined blow fill cap solution with dry preform decontamination – Combi Predis™ FMa. The introduction of the technology, which removes the need for any bottle rinsing, has enabled lightweighting of the company’s 1.5 litre bottles, with PET material savings of 20 per cent. The aseptic PET Combi achieves 95 per cent efficiency while doubling the aseptic production capacity. Fitted with an ECO Oven, the solution has created energy savings of 43 per cent at the blowing stage.

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Hand on laptop touchpad

Sidel Services Online to improve line performance through e-business interface

Launched early 2016, the e-tool allows customers to order and search online original spare parts and to easily view Options & Upgrades for their installed base. With Sidel Services Online higher line performance and maximum uptime are just one click away.

The user-friendly web interface, available in six languages, provides customers with a personalised overview of their equipment, real-time information on parts pricing and availability, besides a quick access to relevant Options & Upgrades. It offers beverage producers onestop shopping for Sidel original spare parts, together with faster delivery times on offers and increased flexibility. The online availability ensured by the interface is key to line maintenance and continuous performance.

StarLite Nitro bottles

New Sidel StarLite Nitro base for increased bottle resistance and stability

Production lines for still beverages utilising nitrogen dosing can now also take advantage of the Sidel StarLite™ PET bottle base with the launch of the Sidel StarLite Nitro version.

Building on the benefits of the previously launched Sidel StarLite base, the new non-petaloid StarLite Nitro base utilises a unique shape that increases PET bottle rigidity and stability, by enhancing resistance to the internal pressure created by nitrogen dosing. In this way, the bottle performs better throughout the whole supply chain, even in harsh conditions, while allowing producers to lower package weight and reduce energy consumption.