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Top CSR rating for Sidel

The commitment that Sidel is making to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been independently evaluated, placing the leading provider of production equipment and services for liquids in PET in the top 30 per cent of the 20,000 companies assessed in 2015.

​Sidel received a Silver CSR rating from EcoVadis, a sustainability rating platform used to understand, track and improve environmental, ethical and social performance worldwide. Respect for the environment and a strong focus on CSR and Corporate Governance is fundamental to Sidel’s operations.

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PET bottles for UHT milk

Brazilian Jussara buys first-ever PET line for milk

The Brazilian company Jussara has become Latin America’s first-ever dairy producer to adopt an aseptic blow-fill-cap solution equipped with dry preform decontamination. With this solution from Sidel, Jussara expands its portfolio with a new PET bottle to differentiate its brands on the shelves in a market dominated by cartons.

In 2013, the Brazilian market consumed 6.3 billion litres of UHT milk, a figure that makes Brazil the largest consumer of UHT milk in the world. In this very dynamic market, family-owned Jussara is the ninth-largest producer of dairy products in Brazil, with continuously growing total sales and currently ranking fifth on the Brazilian UHT milk market.

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35 years of PET bottling solutions

Pioneering PET bottling solutions for 35 years

It was 35 years ago that Sidel produced its first SBO commercial solution for producing PET bottles for the beverage industry, and since then the company has been supplying innovative and often pioneering PET liquid packaging solutions. To meet growing and rapidly changing consumer demands, Sidel has been driving industry innovations through its extensive PET packaging and engineering expertise, supporting the growth in the use of PET as it continues to be recognised as the optimal solution for liquid packaging.

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Training in Myanmar, service engineer

Training in Myanmar for effective line start-up

A brand new beverage production facility built on a greenfield site in Myanmar has demonstrated the importance of training in achieving a fast and effective line start-up. Key to the project was an innovative Greenfield Competence Development Programme created by the Sidel Services™ business unit. The programme enabled the provision of training at each phase of the equipment installation, including the period prior to equipment delivery, to ensure the start-up could meet the challenging timeframe of the project in what is a rapidly developing country.

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Sidel Kirin PET bottle

Substantial energy savings at world’s largest distillery

A line improvement programme undertaken by Sidel at Japan’s Kirin Distillery has resulted in substantial saving in the use of electrical energy. Sidel carried out a modular upgrade of the production line and fitted its ECO lamps to the blow moulder on the water line, providing a balance of cost and sustainability benefits.

The whisky distillery, which currently holds the record for being the world’s largest, is located in the town of Gotemba at the foot of Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji. The Kirin facility is one of 10 whisky distilleries in Japan and its production water is taken directly from underground streams flowing beneath the mountain. With the increasing environmental consciousness of consumers, sustainable packaging and the renewability of water sources are important factors in the bottled water market.

The Project Manager at the Kirin Distillery says: “Kirin selected Sidel’s ECO lamps to be fitted to its existing PET water line in its continuous search for greater sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The lamps have generated substantial energy savings and have also brought the benefits of improved process stability and optimised production output.”

Soft drink labeller

Effective labelling technology for Maltese soft drinks

A project for the General Soft Drinks Co ltd (GSD) of Malta, the country’s sole licensed bottler of Coca-Cola products, has demonstrated the capacity to add new technology to an existing line with minimum disruption following the installation of a new Sidel rollfed labeller in only five days.

Producing up to 25,000 bottles per hour, the new Rollquattro Evolution is for rollfed labels. The decision to acquire a new Rollquattro Evolution labelling machine from Sidel was taken after GSD had considered the retrofitting of an existing rollfed labeller. “With the high season about to start, we consulted Sidel – originally to have our existing Rollquattro rollfed labeller retrofitted with all the relevant upgrades,” commented Brian Galea, Technical Manager at GSD.

“Sidel undertook a careful evaluation of the whole situation on our behalf. When they presented the results of this thorough analysis and the comparable improvements we would likely experience by investing in the new machine, we quickly saw the value and sense of the option that they were suggesting, particularly when we realised the potential for installing it in such a short timeframe.”

PET packaging services from Sidel

New range of PET packaging services from Sidel

Based on 35 years of PET packaging expertise, Sidel now offers new packaging development services to help beverage producers worldwide turn their supply chains into value chains. Although very important, attractiveness and consumer experience are not the only value that great packaging design can create. To unlock the value of a holistic approach to packaging, design needs to be applied at the beginning of any development project, taking into account brand goals, production capabilities, distribution and storage conditions, among other critical factors. Sidel has now launched a new range of packaging services to help beverage producers to achieve this, composed of four main expertise areas: packaging and preform design, packaging optimisation, liquid-package interaction analysis and packaging qualification.

Matrix Predis preforms

Dry preform decontamination with Sidel Matrix

The market for sensitive products is growing rapidly as consumers embrace healthier beverages, such as teas, juices, isotonics, nectars and liquid dairy products. Sidel continues to help producers stay at the forefront of this rapidly expanding market by aligning its innovative dry preform decontamination technology, Predis, with the latest generation of modular Sidel Matrix™ blowing equipment. This combines the high level of process flexibility producers need with reliable aseptic production operations. With the new Sidel Matrix Predis available in the Combi Predis FMa configuration, producers can aseptically produce high and low acid products in many different PET bottle shapes and sizes.

Sidel Matrix Blower-eHR

Introduction of a revolutionary PET blowing solution

Sidel has introduced a revolutionary PET blowing solution – the Sidel Matrix™ blower eHR – to produce hot fillable PET bottles of consistently high quality. By heating the mould via electrical heat resistance (eHR) instead of hot oil, the Sidel Matrix blower eHR achieves a number of benefits in bottle quality, performance, process flexibility, uptime, energy savings and operator safety. Sidel’s eHR electrical heating is very responsive, creating a temperature increase three times quicker than oil heating, accurately providing the correct temperatures from the very first bottle.

Spart part, engineer testing

New spare parts service for lower costs

Sidel’s new spare parts service aims to lower costs for beverage producers and improve uptime. Realising the need for timely provision of original spare parts, whether for emergencies or normal wear and tear, Sidel is aiming to encourage a more proactive approach to inventory management of its high-quality original parts among its customers. “This is because spare parts have always been – and still remain – a critical part of beverage bottling line management. By being proactive in the handling of spare parts, customers are equipped to avoid long-term stoppages and unnecessary downtime,” comments Sidel Spare Parts Director, Martin Lowinski.