​​​​​​​​​​​Brazilian Jussara buys first-ever PET line for milk​

The Brazilian company Jussara has become Latin America’s first-ever dairy producer to adopt an aseptic blow-fill-cap solution equipped with dry preform decontamination. With this solution from Sidel, Jussara expands its portfolio with a new PET bottle to differentiate its brands on the shelves in a market dominated by cartons.

In 2013, the Brazilian market consumed 6.3 billion litres of UHT milk, a figure that makes Brazil the largest consumer of UHT milk in the world. In this very dynamic market, family-owned Jussara is the ninth-largest producer of dairy products in Brazil, with continuously growing total sales and currently ranking fifth on the Brazilian UHT milk market.

In looking to extend its portfolio of products, Jussara wanted to meet consumer demands for innovative products with special formulation and function, through user-friendly packages that are easier to handle and to store, thereby offering greater practicality. The decision was taken to introduce innovative and different packaging – drawing on the flexible design possibilities that PET delivers as a material – to offer greater brand recognition for the consumer.

The first milk to be aseptically bottled in PET using the Sidel integrated blow-fill-cap solution including dry preform decontamination technology is a long shelf life milk (UHT) enriched with added calcium and vitamins. Branded as “JussaraMax”, the product has already received positive reactions from Brazilian consumers.​​​