​​​​​​​Pioneering PET bottling solutions for 35 years​

​It was 35 years ago that Sidel produced its first SBO commercial solution for producing PET bottles for the beverage industry, and since then the company has been supplying innovative and often pioneering PET liquid packaging solutions. To meet growing and rapidly changing consumer demands, Sidel has been driving industry innovations through its extensive PET packaging and engineering expertise, supporting the growth in the use of PET as it continues to be recognised as the optimal solution for liquid packaging.

It was back in 1980 that Sidel introduced the world’s first SBO commercial production solution to package beverages in PET – the SBO blower for carbonated soft drinks. The company has since driven many of the performance improvements in PET bottling technology that cover all beverage categories, achieving huge advances in the productivity of complete lines.

In 2014 a Sidel Matrix™ line produced 134,000 bottles per hour (bph) on the world’s fastest production line for water; almost 40 times faster than the SBO blower of 1980, which offered 3,600 bph. Sidel has introduced numerous innovations in filling machines, leading to substantial improvements in filling accuracy and waste reduction. Labelling technology has also seen impressive advances, highlighted by a recent project – the Sidel Matrix Rollfed labeller with increased capacity.

Nicholas Bloch, Executive Vice President for Communications at Sidel, explains the key values that underpin these developments: “Through all of these advances in equipment, the underlying objectives remain: lowering total cost of ownership through production flexibility, efficiency, product integrity and reduction in consumption of energy and raw materials.”​