​​​​​​​​​​​Training in Myanmar for effective line start-up​

A brand new beverage production facility built on a greenfield site in Myanmar has demonstrated the importance of training in achieving a fast and effective line start-up. Key to the project was an innovative Greenfield Competence Development Programme created by the Sidel Services™ business unit. The programme enabled the provision of training at each phase of the equipment installation, including the period prior to equipment delivery, to ensure the start-up could meet the challenging timeframe of the project in what is a rapidly developing country.

The new facility, created specifically for the production of soft drinks, features a complete production line from Sidel. Sidel delivered a training solution that met the customer’s wide-ranging needs in project coordination, manufacturing and overall operation. The project demonstrated how the approach of Sidel’s Greenfield Competence Development Audit can be customised to meet the individual demands of different beverage producers, with the audit being described as “…a benchmark in the industry”. Assessing an operating team’s skills with competence audits clearly reveals performance levels and any shortfalls in requirements.

Hari Purnomo, Regional Commercial Director for Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia at Sidel, comments – “This was a challenging project which required an innovative approach to training. It was the first complete Greenfield Competence Development Audit delivered by the Sidel training team.”