​​​​​​Two complete PET water lines from Sidel run at top speed in Saudi Arabia

Following the successful installation two years ago of what was Sidel’s fastest bottling line in the world at the time, the Health Water Bottling Company (HWB) of Saudi Arabia turned to Sidel again. Producing the company’s Nova brand of water in 330 ml format, the two new complete PET water lines run at the new, recordbreaking output rate of 150,000 bottles per hour each, for a total installed output of 300,000 bottles per hour.

HWB also partnered with Sidel to refresh the look and branding of its Nova water bottles. By adopting the StarLite™ base, the company ensured complete product integrity across the supply chain and gave the popular, premium brand a more modern image, while achieving significant savings.

HWB Plant Manager Harry Nowers comments, “With everything centred on Sidel as a single supplier, we continue to leverage the company’s knowledge of the entire water bottling process, from minimising waste of resources, to ensuring the bottle is durable and attractive to consumers.”