Sidel helps Nestlé Waters achieve worldwide energy savings

Nestlé Waters has carried out a worldwide energy saving programme at its production sites.Sidel has supported the world’s leading producer of bottled water in this programme and the result is overwhelming: the customer has reduced energy consumption by 20 per cent, meaning a saving of more than 1 million euros per year, which is equivalent to turning off 20 preform ovens.

Nestlé Waters first undertook its conservation programme in 2010, when it challenged its long-term supplier Sidel to rationalise the energy consumption of all its production equipment. With over 90 production facilities in 33 producing countries, Nestlé Waters places a high priority on improving the environmental performance of its processes, as well as keeping its operating costs to an absolute minimum. An important factor in the energy saving programme was that blow moulding machines generally account for as much as 70 per cent of the total energy consumption of a complete beverage bottling line.

After monitoring and measuring the electrical consumption of the blowers, Sidel identified corrective energy-saving solutions to Nestlé Waters. One such solution was to install oven-top reflector lamps to maintain energy in the ovens of the blow moulding machines. This reduced the electrical power required for the preform heating process by 20 per cent, equivalent to turning off 20 preform ovens. Despite the significant energy savings, optimal performance was maintained.

As the customer was greatly satisfied with the energy savings obtained via the upgrades to the first two blowers, the energy conservation programme was then deployed in all Nestlé Waters’ plants worldwide. Sidel provided service and technical support, and by the end of 2015, nearly 130 Sidel blow moulding machines were successfully converted with the oven-top reflector lamps. All of them provided a return on investment (ROI) in less than 6 months.