We commit to being the most innovative, responsive and reliable partner, providing sustainable solutions for the beverage industry.

​SIDEL ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​STRATEGIC PRIORITIES

Populations are increasing. So too are natural resources restrictions and urbanisation. Such changes are placing unprecedented pressure on our planet and increasing the demand for safe, clean and high-quality beverages. At Sidel we are thinking ahead and adapting our equipment and services so that they fit to the needs of beverage producers both now and in the future.

Sidel helps beverage producers adapt to fast-changing and increasingly competitive markets by creating value in five key areas: product quality, flexibility, reliability, brand impact and cost optimisation. Sidel has the equipment, services and people to create sustainable PET liquid packaging solutions that deliver this value combination for beverage producers, brand owners and bottlers around the globe. We call it A Better Match.

To always be able to deliver on our promise to be A Better Match, Sidel’s strategy is to transform Sidel along the strategic axes of Customer Proximity, Technology Leadership and Operational Excellence.


PET is already the packaging material of choice for many beverage categories, and is increasingly becoming so for others. Plus it has all the qualities necessary to meet the diverse needs arising from global and consumer trends.

PET is tough, shatterproof and versatile. It allows beverage producers to create nearly any bottle shape or size using fewer raw materials with consistent results. Its design flexibility enables beverage producers to meet the needs and preferences of consumers with great brand recognition potential. It is also easy to store, carry, clean and re-seal.

PET also protects the safety and quality of beverages across the supply chain with excellent barrier material properties and extended shelf lives. As a sustainable liquid packaging solution, it is also 100 per cent recyclable and is evolving into even more environmentally-friendly forms, including recycled PET (R-PET) and plant-based PET (Bio-PET).

​All of these great characteristics are why PET is increasingly becoming a packaging material of choice, and why Sidel is strategically focused to benefit from its growth within the beverage industry worldwide.​


Passion lies at the core of our values and is applied to every aspect of our work – from our desire to create the best solutions to the respect we have for our colleagues, our workplace and the environment.


We listen – to our customers, suppliers and colleagues so that we can understand and anticipate their unique needs. We allow for an open, transparent and flexible work environment where we are equally involved and passionate about our work, continuously developing our skills. We co-operate on all levels to ensure that we provide the quality of work that our customers can rely on and that we are proud of.


We challenge the limits of technology in order to provide the best possible solutions. ​Together we have the creative mindset that sets us apart from our competitors – and gives us the flexibility and urgency to design innovative and adaptable solutions. At Sidel, there’s room for everybody’s input, but once a decision is made, we unite our efforts and move together in one common direction.


We follow through on our commitments to our customers, to our suppliers and to our colleagues. We are consistent, straightforward and honest, and always act with the highest level of integrity in everything we do. We are passionate about learning at all times in order to optimise our processes and achieve excellence.​​

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Sidel’s organisational structure and geographic presence is designed with its customers in mind. Through this market approach, Sidel combines global competences with local proximity around the world, enabling highly reliable and responsive customer service and support. To meet and even anticipate customers’ needs and demands, Sidel’s industrial organisation ensures that they are continually focused on product development and expanding their product portfolio.

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