Sidel Group is dedicated to helping its customers perform in an environmentally responsible manner without compromising their economic performance.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dedication to sustainable solutions and business performance

Sidel Group is dedicated to helping its customers perform in an environmentally responsible manner without compromising their economic performance. Eco-friendly equipment and services from Sidel allow customers to use fewer natural resources, produce less waste and at the same time, lower their total cost of ownership.

What’s truly remarkable about PET packaging, besides being 100 per cent easily recyclable, is that it allows beverage companies to produce significantly lighter bottles that are still durable and offer a great consumer experience. As packaging may represent around 70 per cent of total costs, even the smallest changes can mean significantly reduced costs. In fact, Sidel’s expert packaging designers can use light ​weighting to help reduce PET consumption by up to 30 per cent without compromising product quality.


Sidel’s tested and proven eco-responsible equipment further improve cost-efficiency and reduce carbon footprint by requiring less energy, air, chemicals and water throughout all stages of production.

Saving resources is a driving force within Sidel when designing new equipment. For example, the Sidel Matrix™ modular system has optimised equipment resource consumption wherever possible. The Ecoven of the Sidel Matrix blower uses 45 per cent less power and 15 per cent less heating time in the blowing process compared with the previous generation of blowers. In the filling process, the servomotors of the Sidel Matrix system use 30 per cent less energy compared with traditional drive systems, and the Sidel Matrix labelling process uses 40 per cent less energy, as all moving parts are now connected to the motor.

Another example is the innovative Predis™ dry preform decontamination solution that has proven a success with manufacturers. It is an example of Sidel’s aseptic technology for sensitive products, which allows producers to package beverages using no water and almost no chemicals. The Predis systems in use worldwide contribute to sustainability initiatives, with more than two billion litres of water already saved compared with traditional aseptic filling systems.


This focus on sustainability is just as relevant for services as it is for equipment. The Sidel Services™ business unit always has a focus on helping producers make their installed equipment more efficient and sustainable. For example, Sidel’s Line Improvement team helps beverage producers take advantage of new technology on existing lines to improve their environmental footprint. One possible way to do this is to install the Ecoven on the blower on existing lines, an upgrade allowing producers to achieve energy savings up to 45 per cent, while ECO Lamps can save up to 19 per cent energy.

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Sidel’s US site in Atlanta has now joined Sidel’s four main manufacturing sites in successfully passing a Sedex audit, again with 100 per cent compliance in the key areas of labour standards, health & safety, the environment and business ethics. A non-profit organisation, Sedex – the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange – is the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data. The successful audit demonstrates Sidel’s focus on continuous sustainability improvement and is part of its commitment to contributing to sustainable partnerships with transparent exchange of information throughout the supply chain. The Atlanta site was independently audited by Bureau Veritas, world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services. The audit of the Atlanta site follows the successful result achieved in Parma, Italy along with Beijing, China in 2013, Octeville in France in 2014 and Mantova in Italy earlier in 2015.

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Sidel has introduced the concept of ‘rightweighting’, which builds on the idea of light weighting but without compromising PET bottle performance. The RightWeight™ concept bottle weighs just 7.95 grams and can withstand the rigors of the supply chain and give consumers the experience they demand. Sidel has tested it to ensure there are no issues with storage, stacking or transportation. It delivers a great consumer experience, and contributes to a reduction in the beverage product’s environmental footprint.