​​​Moving forward with purpose and responsibility

At the Sidel Group, we believe that sustainable practices and good business is a winning combination with benefits for all. We understand that we play an active role in protecting the environment and, by extension, our future.

People, Futures, Products

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PEOPLE: We recognise the diversity, development and well-being of our people as essential to both society and our success as a company.

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PEOPLE: We aim to create shared value together with our customers, suppliers, external partners and, most importantly, the communities in which we do business, via close collaboration and dialogue.

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FUTURES: While delivering on our goal – to create customer success – our strong Corporate Governance focus ensures that all of our stakeholders are well protected.

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FUTURES: Our business is built with the aim to conserve the planet’s resources in an ethical, socially responsible manner.

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PRODUCTS: Worldwide 36 billion bottles have been manufactured with the Sidel aseptic Combi Predis™, contributing to the saving of 4 billion litres of water.

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PRODUCTS: With its new ergonomic, compact design – up to 30 per cent smaller than standalone equipment – and increased visibility of all blocks, Sidel Super Combi makes singleoperator control possible.

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PRODUCTS: Gebo Cermex EvoFilm™ shrinkwrapping solution delivers 20 per cent energy saving, thanks to a full set of modules, smart systems and sophisticated programming.

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PRODUCTS: Gebo Cermex AQFlex® offers 99.5 per cent efficiency at any speed from 1,000 to 100,000 bph, yet delivering energy savings of up to 60 per cent.