Tetra Pak operates in more than 175 countries, providing complete solutions for the processing, packaging and distribution of food products. Customers come from different parts of the food industry, such as the dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverage and prepared food sectors.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Supporting our customers on their journey

​Visit our website, and you’ll see a broad portfolio of packages, processing equipment, filling machines, distribution equipment and service products on offer. But our offer to customers often goes much further, with a range of support activities available that will help them to achieve their business goals, and us to achieve ours, as the following two stories illustrate.


Meysu, a diversified food group in Turkey, has been producing and exporting fruit juices, nectars, still drinks and carbonated drinks since 2002.

Seeing the potential for significant expansion for 330ml packages in the juice, nectar and still drinks segment, they were considering moving to metal cans, but we suggested instead that they could meet their goals more efficiently with our Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 330 Square packages.
The comparison with cans showed significant advantages to our solution, considering the cost-efficiency of supply management and the image lift.

After contract signing in February 2015, things went quickly. We put together a team from different departments to work with Meysu in exploring potential extensions of their existing juice and nectars range. In three months we created a whole new fruit drink concept – Frutbox, including product formulation, package design and sub-brands – as well as assisting with Meysu’s marketing plans. As for implementation, when we focused our technical resources, the new Tetra Pak® A3/Compact Flex line came into commercial production within five weeks. Meysu’s five-flavour Frutbox range was launched in July 2015, and both the package and product were very well received by the market. Meysu is preparing to ramp up market communications this year and is also considering expanding to other still drinks, to continue revitalizing and broadening its consumer appeal.

Modern Farming goes to market

Modern Farming, founded in 2007, is now China’s largest raw milk supplier and a very important customer of Tetra Pak’s sister company – DeLaval.
In 2010 the firm was laying plans to launch its products on the consumer market, but as they had not built up any experience in the consumer end of marketing or business, this proved to be difficult.

They had no marketing arm in their organisation and had no budget for online communication. The result was that their best product was not a sales success, and machine utilization was less than 10%.

Tetra Pak then started to work with them on systematically extending their product to the consumer market. We organized a marketing team with top people from our marketing service and communications department to collaborate with Modern Farming. We initiated their application to an international food forum called Monde Selection, where they won the prestigious gold award in both 2014 and 2015.

Since this was the first time a Chinese company had won such an award, the Chinese government commissioned Modern Farming to hold a mega press conference that was attended by senior government officials and more than 50 media representatives. The award was then widely publicised, particularly within the retail environment, boosting their sales significantly.
“The Tetra Pak team provided us with a lot of excellent ideas and support for packaging design, consumer understanding and brand communication,” says Ms. Gao Lina, President, Modern Farming.

With our combined efforts, we achieved a delivery of 660 million packs in 2015 and our projection is 800 million packs in 2016. Now, Modern Farming is an important customer for both DeLaval and Tetra Pak.

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