Tetra Pak highlights 2015/2016

Tetra Rex bio-based carton package with TwistCap OSO34, Valio Eila

Bio-based raking in the awards

In late 2014, when we introduced the world’s first fully renewable package – the Tetra Rex® Bio-based package – we knew it would attract attention, and it did. Manufactured solely from a combination of bio-based plastics, derived from sugarcane, and FSC™-certified paperboard, the product has picked up an array of prizes and distinctions during its first year on the market.

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Tetra Pak Processing - competence-based innovation

Tetra Pak Processing has set up four strategic competence areas to drive innovation: cleaning technology; mixing, blending and dosing: food safety; and heat treatment technologies. Each area has a network of technology specialists who share knowledge within our organisation and with customers.

One example of how our focus on key competencies has spurred innovation comes from our Dairy category, where our expertise in mixing, blending and dosing led to the creation of OneStep™ processing technology. Since its launch in 2010, the technology has transformed UHT milk production, providing an effective single-step process that eliminates the need for pasteurisation pre-treatment and intermediate storage.

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Tetra Pak Services

Tetra Pak Services - improving performance

In 2015 we launched a new portfolio structure for all of our service offerings, under the simple title: Tetra Pak® Services. This restructuring and redefinition reflects stronger collaboration between our packaging and processing businesses, and reconfirms our commitment to a single common service portfolio across Tetra Pak.

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DAFSA plant, Spain

​Integration, control and efficiency at new DAFSA plant​

Sourcing beverages and prepared foods to Mercadona, Spain’s largest and most innovative retail chain, is a tall order. As a key supplier, DAFSA wanted to ensure control, competitiveness and flexibility for its future production. To achieve this, they embarked on the largest joint Packaging/Processing project of its kind in Europe, investing more than €38 million to create a facility with eight processing lines and nine packaging lines with a daily capacity of 4.3 million packages of beverages and prepared foods.

Tetra Pak was contracted to design and build every aspect of the greenfield factory in Segorbe, Spain, from raw material reception to warehouse.

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School children Dominican republic

​​​​Sustainability includes the community​

As a global company with many local operations, we are well placed to act as a catalyst in bringing together various stakeholders to drive projects and initiatives that make a positive difference.

Our expertise in food protection and our strong relationships with a broad range of organisations in many markets have helped us develop practical solutions to local problems. In communities around the world, Tetra Pak leads initiatives to educate consumers about milk safety and nutrition. For example, in South Africa, Morocco, Turkey, and the Caucasus, we are promoting the benefits of UHT milk while raising awareness of the risks of loose milk.

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Total Cost of Ownership, TCO

Coupling total cost of ownership to sustainability

By providing solutions that reduce energy and water consumption, and limit product losses, Tetra Pak Processing is helping customers advance their environmental ambitions, while simultaneously reducing their operational costs.

The company has developed a modeling tool that it uses with customers to calculate the total life cycle costs of a processing module or line, taking into consideration machine performance, maintenance needs and environmental performance. We provide a full picture of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a production solution, not just the capital investment. Customers can then make meaningful comparisons and informed choices.

Moreover, we provide performance guarantees on parameters such as product loss, as well as energy and water consumption, to ensure desired cost savings and reduced environmental impact. In addition, our Tetra PlantMaster™ customized automation solutions facilitate monitoring and control of production, supporting more efficient use of raw material and utilities.