​​​​​​​​​​Bio-based raking in the awards

In late 2014, when we introduced the world’s first fully renewable package – the Tetra Rex® Bio-based package – we knew it would attract attention, and it did. Manufactured solely from a combination of bio-based plastics, derived from sugarcane, and FSC™-certified paperboard, the product has pic​​ked up an array of prizes and distinctions during its first year on the market:

  • First place in the Sustainable Innovation category at the Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards.
  • The Special Environment Prize for 2015 from the Italian Packaging Institute, in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Milan.
  • A Gold award at the inaugural Pro2Pac Excellence Awards in March.
  • The prize for “most environmentally f​riendly product of the year” from the Green Star Packaging Awards in May.​​

Finally, the package was awarded the highest category of bio-based certification from internationally recognized assessment body, Vincotte.

Even more importantly, customer feedback has been very positive, with early adopters looking to expand the use of Tetra Rex Bio-based to other products, and strong demand from new customers. The company expects to deliver more than 100 million packs during 2016.​

Tetra Rex bio-based carton packages

Tetra Rex® Bio-based

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