​​​Digital transformation in China​

​​​​​A growing number of Chinese customers are now using Tetra Pak® PlantMaster Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Suite to help digitise – and revolutionise – their entire operations. A single, complete solution with a common interface and intuitive navigation, the MES Suite can connect plants across multiple sites to provide total control of every step of production, from raw material to finished goods, regardless of the brand of equipment used.

The case for the MES Suite is compelling. Total control means guaranteed food safety and consistent product quality. Overall Equipment Effectiveness is maximised and operational cost is minimised by reducing downtime, waste and recalls. Production flexibility is increased by optimising utilisation of production lines. And process stability and reliability is boosted too, by reducing human error.

Examples of successful new installations include the food and beverage company Uni-President China, which is using MES Suite to retrofit an older factory in Taiwan, connecting equipment from multiple suppliers. Bright Dairy & Food has installed the solution across its Tianjin plant, and has an ongoing project in Shanghai with end-to-end traceability, connecting directly with the consumer via unique package IDs based on QR codes. The China Mengniu Dairy Company has selected the MES Suite for its ambitious digitalisation programme, while the Ausnutria Dairy Corporation plans to go beyond national boundaries, connecting plants in different countries

Tetra Pak line with MES