​​Integration, control and efficiency at new DAFSA plant​

Sourcing beverages and prepared foods to Mercadona, Spain’s largest and most innovative retail chain, is a tall order. As a key supplier, DAFSA wanted to ensure control, competitiveness and flexibility for its future production. To achieve this, they embarked on the largest joint Packaging/Processing project of its kind in Europe, investing more than €38 million to create a facility with eight processing lines and nine packaging lines with a daily capacity of 4.3 million packages of beverages and prepared foods.

Tetra Pak was contracted to design and build every aspect of the greenfield factory in Segorbe, Spain, from raw material reception to warehouse. At its heart is Tetra PlantMaster™, which manages every aspect of the fully automated plant, from processing to shipping, while seamlessly connecting to enterprise resource planning and other programs. Key information is available everywhere in real time. This enables DAFSA to comply with Mercadona’s efficiency and flexibility requirements while providing full control and excellence in food safety.

The new facility improves DAFSA’s competitiveness by replacing three production sites with a single, fully flexible mega-plant, enabling future growth through capacity expansion and product innovation. The plant is multiproduct and multiformat, able to handle more than 80 products and 300 recipes – from juices and smoothies to gazpacho and dairy alternatives.

According to DAFSA, Tetra Pak exceeded expectations on every score: project planning, scheduling and execution, providing a unique value and service. “Offering a single source of responsibility with a profile expertise in integrated solutions was a wise move,” said José Luis Campillos, the company’s owner and CEO. The project took 18 months from the initial top meeting in July 2012 to signing the contract. Then just nine months from project orders to equipment installation. The first packages came off the lines in January 2015, and full operations and automation integration went live in September 2015.

In addition to delivering the new facility, Tetra Pak has also established an integrated maintenance contract with DAFSA, guaranteeing to meet performance targets agreed between the two companies.​

DAFSA plant, Spain

Integration, control and efficiency

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