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Tetra Pak Processing has set up four strategic competence areas to drive innovation: cleaning technology; mixing, blending and dosing: food safety; and heat treatment technologies. Each area has a network of technology specialists who share knowledge within our organisation and with customers.

One example of how our focus on key competencies has spurred innovation comes from our Dairy category, where our expertise in mixing, blending and dosing led to the creation of OneStep™​ processing technology. Since its launch in 2010, the technology has transformed UHT milk production, providing an effective single-step process that eliminates the need for pasteurisation pre-treatment and intermediate storage.

Last year, the company extended the application of OneStep technology to milk production from powder, allowing producers, for the first time ever, to prepare UHT milk from powder in one continuous step. The main benefit is an unbeatably low operational cost, partly due to energy savings (tests showed -31%), and partly to reducing the number and size of storage tanks, which incur less cleaning and maintenance. Product changeovers become much easier, as well.

In another example, our heat treatment experts ran extensive experiments on foods containing particles, such as chunks of fruit, vegetables, meat or nuts. Results showed that heat treatment system designs can be optimized to new heat transfer models. We estimate potential savings of 20% in operational cost, in addition to savings in capital expenditures.

Findings and recommendations from many of our competence areas are available on our website in the form of downloadable white papers.​

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