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In 2015 we launched a new portfolio structure for all of our service offerings, under the simple title: Tetra Pak® Services. This restructuring and redefinition reflects stronger collaboration between our packaging and processing businesses, and reconfirms our commitment to a single common service portfolio across Tetra Pak.

The new structure incorporates the mix of services that customers expect from Tetra Pak, and showcases a range of innovative offerings that leverage the knowledge and experience unique to the company. Beside core service offerings such as Maintenance and Parts, we also now provide greater visibility to areas where we are expanding into new services, such as Consumables and Plant Components.

As part of the new structure, the company also launched Tetra Pak Plant Care, an umbrella name for its service agreements. These solutions deliver more value to customers in the form of either increased performance or cost savings – delivering predictability, risk-sharing and long-term partnerships.

With 2200 field service engineers and about 1200 other technical specialists active in more than 170 countries, Tetra Pak Services is able to provide value and cover every aspect of food production, from daily routines to business insights. These tailored service solutions improve performance, optimise costs and ensure food safety throughout operational lifecycles.

Tetra Pak Services is based on the triple principle of “people, portfolio and presence”. We operate 11 training facilities worldwide, and deliver 22 million parts a year around the globe to service 95,000 pieces of equipment.​​​​​

Tetra Pak Services

Tetra Pak Services

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