​​​​​Sustainability includes the community​

As a global company with many local operations, we are well placed to act as a catalyst in bringing together various stakeholders to drive projects and initiatives that make a positive difference.

Our expertise in food protection and our strong relationships with a broad range of organisations in many markets have helped us develop practical solutions to local problems.

In communities around the world, Tetra Pak leads initiatives to educate consumers about milk safety and nutrition. For example, in South Africa, Morocco, Turkey, and the Caucasus, we are promoting the benefits of UHT milk while raising awareness of the risks of loose milk.

Our Food for Development scheme supports school feeding programmes in Bangladesh and elsewhere, and our Dairy Hubs model helps secure sustainable supplies of locally produced quality milk in Bangladesh and Nicaragua.

​We play an active role at the local level, helping people develop themselves and their communities. Schools and students are key to these efforts. For example, in India, we partner with Coca-Cola to support expanding access to rural education. Our LEADearthSHIP initiative in Pune and Delhi is mentoring college students committed to sustainable development. And in Portugal, Spain and Turkey, we support schoolchildren as they explore fun ways to recycle.

School children in Dominican republic


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