​Tetra Laval sustain​​​​​​​​​​​​​ability 

We are going to continue to develop our sustainability performance in all aspects, from FSC™ to recycling and reducing carbon footprints. Sustainable business solutions will truly be a competitive edge for both our customers and Tetra Laval. With these initiatives I am convinced that the Gr​oup can deliver continued good results in 2016 despite a turbulent world.​​

​Larry G. Pillard​​​​
Woman and children, Dairy hubs

Tetra Pak - Food.People.Futures

Our packaging and processing solutions are making the food consumed by hundreds of millions of people in more than 170 countries safe, available and affordable.

​​Our business is also about protecting people – employees, consumers and the communities in which we op​erate.

​We’re also protecting futures – the future health of the environment and the future success of our customers' businesses.​

Through innovation, our understanding of consumer needs, and our collaborative relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as governments, international development agencies, NGOs and other partners, we deliver solutions that make food safe and available, ​everywhere.

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DeLaval - We make sustainable food production possible

While food producers need to increase profitability and productivity, they also need to reduce environmental impact. Science is telling us to speed up the rate of change and reveals that it is on the farm that the biggest productivity gains can be made. The term sustainable, as defined within DeLaval, is based on balancing four pillars: Environment, Animal welfare, Social responsibility and Farm profitability.

The goal is to reduce environmental footprint, while improving food production, profitability and the well-being of the people and animals involved. Our role as a company is to team up with customers to support them with the technology and knowledge they need to improve productivity – to do more with less.

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Planet earth, Sidel sustainability

Sidel - Sustainability, a part of everything we do

At Sidel, we believe that sustainable practices and good business go hand in hand to the benefit of all. It also provides an opportunity for us to play an active role in protecting the environment, and ultimately our future.

A far-reaching, sustainable approach

Our sustainability initiatives can be found in all areas of working life at Sidel. We are committed to minimising our footprint while maximising our impact across the supply chain. Together with our partners, we aim to solve some of the world's challenges one bottle at a time.

We believe that realising this goal depends on ensuring sustainable success in six key areas: People, Partners, Products, PET, Performance and the Planet.

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