DeLaval highlights 2018/2019

​​​​​​​​​Cool cows produce more milk

Avoiding heat stress during hot weather means that farms can maintain winter milking production levels and prevent a negative impact on feed intake, fertility and general cow health. DeLaval’s system for automated cow cooling is designed for automatic milking systems and comprises sprinklers and fans, along with sensors and a smart control unit to cool by evaporating water on the cows’ skin. The patented system of self-activation teaches the cows where they can find relief from the heat – which is where farmers want the cows to be. When cows feel warm, they go to the feedline, where they are rewarded with cooling and their appetite is stimulated. With increased food intake, they get the impulse to be milked and are rewarded again with cooling at the milking station.​​

DeLaval OptiDuo

New robotic feed pusher

DeLaval has launched a new robotic feed pusher, the DeLaval OptiDuo™. It makes sure cows always have access to refreshed feed and a well-mixed diet, with technology that allows remixing feed while moving it onto the feeding table. With its twin-spiralled rotating auger and adaptive drive function, all kinds of feed are repositioned onto the feeding table, filling any gaps and ensuring that the strands of roughage remain intact. This means that lower-­ranked cows are not pushed to empty positions, reducing the competition at the feeding table.

DeLaval Evanza cartridge liner

World’s first milking cluster with cartridge liner introduced

The DeLaval Evanza™ milking cluster has the world’s first cartridge liner, offering twice the lifetime of conventional liners. The liner ensures teat condition and comfort and is easy to replace, with a twist-to-open and twist-to-close functionality. In farm tests, it was shown to have better working ergonomics and increase milk flow by up to 9 per cent, in addition to rendering a higher yield of up to 5 per cent and reduced milking time by as much as 7 per cent. The DeLaval Evanza is a sustainable product, with longer exchange intervals and 100 per cent recyclable materials used in the cartridge.

DelPro™ Companion

Farmers say hello to a new companion

DeLaval has launched the DelPro™ Companion, a farm management application developed to work with farmers to not only display animal information, but also to support work routines by recording important events as they happen throughout the day. DelPro™ Companion gives immediate access to information on a mobile device and synchronises events with the farm’s server. Farmers appreciate the possibility to recall milking, feeding, body condition scores and activity without delay and in any location. This enables better and more timely decision-making.

Mind+ Summit in China

Mind+ Summit in China impresses with robotic theme

In October 2018, DeLaval China hosted the second Mind+ Summit to discuss the hottest topics in the dairy industry and address customers’ burning questions. The event attracted nearly 300 attendees from dairy farms, industry associations, academies, research institutions and local trade media. The topics included robotics, smart data, animal health, environmental pressures and milking system technology for next-generation dairy farms. With this annual event, DeLaval China aims to provide an open platform for communication and information-sharing, while taking a global perspective on the long-term development of dairy farms.

DeLaval Distribution Centre in German

Manufacturing capacity doubled to meet demand for new milking system

Following the successful launch of the DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300, DeLaval has ramped up production due to dramatically increased order intake. To meet the strong demand, DeLaval is making full use of its modernised facilities by increasing production personnel, adjusting supply chain planning, and securing deliveries from suppliers. The new LEED-certified DeLaval Distribution Centre in Germany supports the order intake with a larger, more efficient storage facility that will reduce lead times. Overall, the strengthened supply chain aims to ensure deliveries to partner dealerships and farmers once fully implemented.

Chinese dairy farm managers

Collaboration improves Chinese dairy farm management

Tetra Pak and DeLaval are providing training to Chinese dairy farm managers, an initiative from both the Chinese and Swedish ministers of agriculture to increase co-operation in this area. Over the course of five years, the goal is to train 150 talents in scale-farm management to support sustainable development of the Chinese dairy industry. The agreement with the Dairy Association of China (DAC) aims to improve the overall skills level within dairy farm management.

Environmental Compliance Achievement Award

Walking the talk in Texas

The DeLaval manufacturing site in Texas that produces teat dips, detergents and sanitizers was recognized for its 100 per cent compliance with environmental regulations for waste water. “The Environmental Compliance Achievement Award from the City of Grand Prairie is proof that working with performance indicators and environmental targets pays off, as we continue to make sustainable food production possible,” says Tony Drake, Vice President Milk Quality and Animal Health. All manufacturing sites in DeLaval now have targets for environmental parameters that are challenged and monitored annually.