​​Danone contract with DeLaval Cleaning solutions (DCS)

In 2016, DeLaval Cleaning Solutions (DCS) implemented a program to supply dosing systems, hygiene chemicals and services to Danone's North American production facilities. This five-year agreement is valued at nearly €5 million annually and includes all seven of their dairy processing facilities in the US and Canada. It is significant because it enabled us to expand our value-based solutions beyond the service we have already provided to some of their plants throughout the past 20 years, and because so many DeLaval employees were instrumental in building our relationship and securing the more recent agreement, in the face of very strong competition. This team approach was also essential during the actual conversion of the Danone plants to DeLaval programmes, as we needed to successfully convert these facilities while ensuring no disruption to their operations.

Since this time, we've expanded our discussion with Danone, drafting an agreement to provide consumable supplies and services to its dairy farm partners in the US. One such supplier is McCarty Family Farms, an 8,000-cow facility that supplies milk to Danone, and which we will now supply all their farm hygiene services. Vertical integration partnerships are designed to help improve milk quality and production yields, ensuring Danone's manufacturing plants can retain an uninterrupted supply of quality raw material. And we will further leverage our team approach to work with Danone on providing DeLaval hygiene solutions to their other US milk suppliers, as well as extending our services to Danone's production facilities in Mexico and elsewhere.