​​​​​​​​​​​​Digital services future proofing our business milking system​

A new strategic direction taking shape to focus on enhancing our digital ​offering to ensure we stay competitive in the dairy farming industry. ​​​

​​Digital Services

In recent years, we have seen a strong market demand for technologies that support our farmers and partners in making better use of their equipment and utilising farm data to run more efficient and sustainable dairy operations. Today’s digital technologies are presenting us with many new opportunities in this area. A new Digital Services team was created last year, which is responsible for our journey towards an aligned digital services offering. The team will establish a common DeLaval digital platform to collect and make use of data from our sensors on cows and equipment. With machine learning and deep learning algorithms, this data will then be used in our digital services offering. Such services range from information on cow health and milk quality to equipment performance services, like remote surveillance for farmers and other partners. These services will be offered and sold through digital channels in alignment with our market area organisations. DeLaval’s leading position in the market is based on innovations and our ability to bring a constant flow of relevant new products to our customers.​


New opportunities from remote monitoring

We see a clear market demand for new tech­nologies, which is constantly presenting us new opportunities and challenges that we need to grasp in order for us to drive a sustainable and forward-thinking business and industry. Digital technologies enable us to extend our current product offering to include digital services. There are opportunities for us in all three elements of our company strategy: Sales, Innovation and Productivity. Digital and connected solutions allow remote monitoring of a farmer’s needs, including monitoring real-time data on an app from the other side of the world. “Remote management not only enables us to serve the equipment remotely, we can also compare performance with other farms to suggest efficiency im­prove­­ments to the farmer’s operations,” says Jonas Hällman, Executive Vice President Digital Services. Such solutions have the potential to deliver significant value to our customers – while creating new business opportunities for DeLaval.​

​Introducing the ​​next gene​ration of robotic milking system​

The DeLaval VMS™ V310 milking system is a new concept in automatic milking that incorporates a complete reproduction management tool to enable farmers to save time and reduce costs. The DeLaval VMS™ milking system is already the most effective on the market while also monitoring cow health and performance. With the VMS™ V310, DeLaval built on its industry-leading expertise to take milking to the next level.

Based on the l​atest technology

The V310’s state-of-the-art features include the new DeLaval RePro™ that uses pro­gest­e­rone-­based sampling and analysis to detect heat and pregnancy in real time as well as cows that are not cycling as they should. This provides dairy farmers with accurate insights into the reproductive status of each cow in their herd, and allows them to save both time and costs associated with managing reproduction and unwanted open days.​

Healthier cows and great​​er productivity

DeLaval VMS V310 is the first milking system that automatically confirms pregnant cows. This can result in healthier cows and reduced veterinarian costs due to cows becoming pregnant at the right time with more productive lactations. “With VMS V310, the robot manages 90 per cent of the tasks,” says Christian Legret, DeLaval VMS V310 owner, France. “RePro ensures that ultrasounds are hardly needed anymore because the system informs the farmer when cows are pregnant.” With two models available, farmers can choose the voluntary milking system that best meets their needs. The new DeLaval VMS™ V310 milking system was launched on 1 January 2020.​​​