Food security

​​​​​​​Food security​​ – from beginning to end

Food security means ensuring people always have access to safe and nutritious food – even during a global pandemic. In the packaging industry, it is our mission to provide safe packaging solutions and to contribute to making goods available for everyone by providing high production efficiency. At Sidel, we take both these tasks very seriously.

The highest food safety standards

Under no circumstances, do we – or our customers – want unsafe food or beverages delivered to the market. With more than 40 years of experience in PET packaging, Sidel is recognised around the globe for its optimally designed equipment that provides the highest food safety standards and allows brand owners to increase their production capacity, and therefore, product availability. Furthermore, Sidel’s Aseptic Combi PredisTM was the world’s first aseptic PET filling equipment with dry preform sterilisation to get approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2017.

Sidel’s solutions expand food availability

Food security has become a topic of high importance when it comes to beverage consumption, whatever the beverage type. Owing to the inadequate clean water infrastructure in some countries, the bottled water industry in particular has a huge responsibility to make clean water available to each customer regardless of location. As a trendsetter, Sidel has introduced flexible, safe and simple solutions that also expand product availability. This is particularly true for growing market segments such as juices, isotonics and teas, as well as liquid dairy products (LDP). For instance, Sidel’s Versatile Aseptic Combi Predis™ was designed for LDP, still and carbonated soft drinks.

Customer support generates high production efficiency

Another way to ensure food availability is to support the beverage industry to maintain a high level of production efficiency. At Sidel, customer proximity and proactive assistance are key priorities. Even if it was challenging to support our customers’ production needs during COVID-19 restrictions, we managed it successfully. By leveraging advanced digital solutions, our experts at Sidel facilitated remote installation and services to allow the beverage industry to enlarge their capabilities and provide the market with the required volumes. Remote support has become key for business continuity, avoiding long-lasting production stoppage that would limit product availability.

Future with PET – safe and recyclable

Finally, food safety for beverages would not be achievable or even imaginable without appropriate packaging materials. Therefore, Sidel has been an advocate for PET, as the only plastic suitable for direct food contact and for closed-­loop bottle-to-bottle recycling. PET is a great resource with many advantages: safe, shapeable, transparent or opaque, and re-sealable with great neck and cap tightness. With outstanding mechanical and barrier properties, it can ensure optimal transportation, storage and distribution. 100 per cent recyclable and offering huge light-weighting opportunities, PET also has a low environmental footprint compared to alternative non-plastic materials.

ITC ensures food safety in India with Sidel’s complete aseptic PET line

ITC, one of India’s leading private sector companies, has introduced a brand-new range of UHT milk-based drinks with fruit pieces and expanded its juice portfolio by trusting Sidel’s proven expertise in aseptic packaging and PET design. Featuring the first dry preform sterilisation in India, the new line ensures the highest level of hygiene and food safety, together with ease of operations and maintenance while offering outstanding flexibility to switch easily from one product to another.

ITC Limited has a diversified portfolio in the food and beverage, packaging, agriculture and hospitality sectors since 1910.

With the consumer shift in preference to nutritional drinks in small formats, ITC decided to launch a new milk-based drink Sunfeast Wonderz Milk and added a portfolio of premium not-from-concentrate juices to its existing B Natural brand. To make this happen, they cooperated with Sidel to ensure absolute food safety for production, based on their trust in Sidel’s proven expertise in aseptic PET packaging. They also enhanced their brand experience by having three new PET bottles designed by Sidel packaging experts.

As ITC was unfamiliar with aseptic PET production, Sidel provided comprehensive advice – from bottle designs to helping decide which recipes to launch on the market and which PET barrier material to choose.

The complete line includes Tetra Pak Processing System technologies, Aseptic Combi Predis™, a RollQuattro labeller, a sleever, shrink-­wrapping, a PalKombi palletiser, pallet stretch wrapping systems, and EIT®.

Conveyor belt with PET bottles
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Sidel and Niche Cocoa team up to supply safe and nutritious milk to millions of school children in Ghana

Niche Cocoa Industry Ltd., Ghana’s largest fully integrated cocoa processor, signed a deal with Sidel to support Ghana’s School Feeding Programme. Through the partnership, 5.6 million pupils will be provided with ready-to-drink chocolate milk, which is a healthy, nutritional alternative for students.

Niche Cocoa Industry Ltd., founded in 2011, is based in Tema, Ghana, and manufactures high quality, semi-finished cocoa products for export. Thanks to a loan from the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO in the autumn 2019, Niche Cocoa was able to purchase equipment from Sidel, which will allow them to produce and bottle shelf-stable, fortified chocolate milk in PET for Ghanaian school children.

“Beverage production was a previously uncharted territory for us, therefore we decided to partner with Sidel because of our shared passion for uncompromising food and beverage quality,” says Edmund A. Poku, Managing Director at Niche Cocoa. “We are planning to serve approximately 5.6 million children across 261 districts in a total of 9,350 primary and secondary schools for 100 school days per year. With this programme, we want to provide a healthy, nutritional alternative to our people,” continues Poku.

Besides nutrition, food safety assurance is of utmost importance. Ultimately, Niche Cocoa opted for a safe and simple low-speed aseptic PET complete packaging line, which integrates Tetra Pak Processing Systems technologies and the Sidel Aseptic Combi systems Predis™ and Capdis™ with dry preform and cap sterilisation. With 180 installations worldwide, Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis is a well-proven solution that received U.S. FDA validation back in 2017.