​Aseptically filling drinks in PET bottles unlocks Sokpol’s success

Established in 1992 and employing over 400 people, the family-run company Sokpol is one of the top Polish co-packers. The company produces sensitive beverages like nectars, fruit juices and teas in carton, glass, and PET containers and serves mainly private labels. In 2008 they partnered with Sidel to launch PET-bottled sensitive drinks without preservatives in the Polish market. Today, more than 50 per cent of Sokpol’s production is bottled in PET and this figure is constantly increasing. To meet this growing demand, the company leverages the production capacity, full safety, ease of operations and resource savings offered by three aseptic PET lines provided by Sidel during the past ten years, with the last one installed at the end of 2017. ​​​

Heineken Vietnam Tien Giang site

HEINEKEN partners with Sidel to boost beer production

Heineken Vietnam was looking to quickly increase the beer production capacity of its Tiger brand at its Tien Giang site, located in the south of the country. Sidel supported this goal with a complete can line, featuring among other highly efficient and high-performing solutions, the new filler, EvoFILL Can. From line design, through installation and up to the commissioning phase, the Sidel team helped the customer take each step very quickly, which was instrumental in achieving a 40 per cent reduction of the time-to-market. The new complete line is now helping Heineken Vietnam enjoy consistently high product quality and optimal energy and water savings, thus contributing to a very good return on investment.

Industrias San Miguel sign

Sidel helps Industrias San Miguel save energy, materials and cost

Peruvian company Industrias San Miguel (ISM) currently has seven lines producing PET bottles, five of which are equipped with blow moulding machines supplied by Sidel. The most recent ISM installation is a Sidel Matrix™ Combi, bottling still and flavoured water at a rate of 36,000 bottles per hour in the company’s factory in the Dominican Republic. The energy savings of around eight per cent achieved by the new line are due to the greater efficiency of the integrated blower and the packaging lightweighting solutions proposed by Sidel.

Bottle in line

Increased line efficiency for Rothaus brewery

Rothaus, the most well-known regional brewery in Germany’s Black Forest, recently inaugurated state-of-the-art sorting and filling lines. Sidel’s expertise in line engineering and integration was key in delivering maximum uptime and increased reliability. The company managed to install and orchestrate 30 different machines from more than a dozen different suppliers, creating new lines that can sort an impressive 3,200 crates per hour and bottle up to 76,800 bottles per hour.

Huanlejia PET bottle.

Huanlejia makes its first move to PET

Huanlejia, well-known as a Chinese producer of food and beverages, recently started producing its coconut milk – formerly packaged in HDPE (High-density polyethylene) – in PET bottles. Its main objectives with this switch were to reinforce its brand image and increase production speed, while lowering manufacturing costs. In doing so, the company relied on Sidel’s 40-year expertise in aseptic packaging. The new coconut milk PET bottle, already awarded by local consumers, is produced on two complete aseptic PET packaging lines, equipped with the Sidel Aseptic Combi Sensofill and running at 48,000 bottles per hour.

Niagara Bottling LLC Salt Lake City facility with a Sidel complete PET line

Start-to-finish high performance for Niagara Bottling LLC

Niagara Bottling LLC has recently upgraded its Salt Lake City facility with a Sidel complete PET line. In doing so, the company is surfing the positive trajectory shown by PET bottled water in the US, expected to grow three per cent annually between 2016 and 2020. The line features two Super Combis – integrating the innovative and compact ground-level preform feeder, EasyFEED™ and the easy-to-operate, highly ergonomic EvoDECO Roll-Fed labeller, both ensuring optimal efficiency at very high speeds. This line set-up allows for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) improvements translating to two million cases per year of extra productivity.

Yili PET bottles

Yili invests in two Sidel dry aseptic PET lines

The world’s number-one liquid dairy producer, Yili, recently invested in two aseptic complete PET packaging lines, including the Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis™ with its unique dry preform sterilisation technology. Yili is a strong believer in the potential of PET as a packaging material, as it is user-friendly, shatterproof, re-sealable, and recyclable. It also provides bottle design freedom to differentiate their dairy brand on the supermarket shelves. Perhaps more importantly, PET offers great benefits in terms of physical product and food barrier protection, thus preserving nutritional and sensorial properties of yogurts at all stages. All of these reasons supported the company’s decision to partially switch their production from carton to PET bottles, with the aim of introducing innovative packages.

Yili’s Ambrosial Greek Yoghurt was part of this change. Packaged in PET single-serve bottles, this premium drinking yogurt has been highly popular since its launch. The two aseptic PET packaging lines - the latest reconfirmation of the long-­standing partnership between Yili and Sidel - helped the leading dairy manufacturer create the additional capacity needed to cater to this positive sales trajectory.

Dove skin cream line

Rising to Unilever’s skin cream challenges

Unilever’s Dubai site is the largest personal care factory in the Middle East and Africa, producing hair and skincare products. There, Sidel has recently supplied a complete end-of-line solution, including one piece of the company’s spearhead equipment, the Cermex WB46 wrap-around case packer, a smart “Industry 4.0” system designed for greater flexibility, hygiene, and ergonomics.

This project posed a unique challenge: Unilever’s pots of skin cream are round and do not provide the counter-pressure required to attain the perfect sealing result, an issue that was amplified by the use of trays with short flaps. Thanks to specific adaptations and a close partnership between Unilever Dubai and the Sidel teams, this obstacle was neatly overcome and the end-of-line solution now covers all of the customer’s specifications.