​​​​​​​​Italian bottler achieves 95 per cent efficiency by investin​g in Sidel's aseptic combined blow fill cap solution

Fonti Di Posina has become the first bottling company in Italy to invest in Sidel's aseptic and environmentally-friendly combined blow fill cap solution with dry preform decontamination – Combi Predis™ FMa. The introduction of the technology, which removes the need for any bottle rinsing, has enabled lightweighting of the company's 1.5 litre bottles, with PET material savings of 20 per cent. The aseptic PET Combi achieves 95 per cent efficiency while doubling the aseptic production capacity. Fitted with an ECO Oven, the solution has created energy savings of 43 per cent at the blowing stage.

Based in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of the Italian Alps, Fonti Di Posina has been bottling mineral water for over 30 years, first moving into bottling it in PET in 1986. While consumer demand for more sophisticated beverages has been steadily increasing in recent years, the company has been working to expand its offering based on its experience of production and water purity.

Since the company wanted to invest in the latest innovative and sustainable aseptic technology in the market, Fonti Di Posina chose Sidel's packaging solution. Equipped with a low-output, aseptic integrated blow fill cap solution, with dry decontamination for both preforms and caps, the line produces more than 40 different recipes for retailers and private labels. This includes teas, fruit juices and energy drinks, with both standard caps and sport caps in a variety of bottle formats.​​