​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Services optimise customer operations​​

Tetra Pak Services draws on unique industry offerings, expertise and digital technologies to provide data, insights and actions that make customer processes more cost-effective, efficient and sustainable.

Service solutions based on customer challenges

Regardless of whether a customer has a particular challenge they want to overcome, or if they want to improve operational efficiency or save costs, our services help them to realise their objectives. Our service solutions are purpose-built for each customers’ unique needs and situation, and focus on the customer value they will deliver.

“Our services combine unique industry knowledge, digital technologies and our vast data-repository to enable the optimisation of our customers’ operations,” explains Roberto Franchitti, Executive Vice President Services. “This provides opportunities for manufacturers to radically improve and respond to future challenges.”

Delivering material customer value

Tetra Pak Services ensure that our customers’ operations run smoothly and are optimised to meet the demands of retailers and consumers. We offer a range of solutions, but the solution is not our starting point. Each customer has a unique operation, with particular needs, challenges and opportunities that call for tailor-made solutions to create value specifically for them.

We work with our customers to understand their in-depth needs and based on this analysis, suggest a solution that focuses on the desired outcome. A first step may be to gather data collected by a variety of machinery sensors from the customers’ production. “But the real magic happens when our people with unique food and beverage expertise build solutions based on this data to deliver tangible results for our customers,” says Franchitti. “This is where our solutions really make a difference – to ultimately optimise customer processes, reduce costs, enhance efficiency and offer growth opportunities.”​​

“The real magic happens when our people with unique food and beverage expertise build solutions based on this data to deliver tangible results for our customers.”

Easy to do business with

In recent years, we have significantly modernised our customer interface to make it easier to do business with us. We offer a one-stop-shop for purchasing Tetra Pak spare parts and consumables, 24/7 Remote Support and a digital operational collaboration platform that boosts competency and efficiency.

In January 2020, we also launched a virtual marketplace to dramatically expand our online offering to our customers. “This is a new way of doing business for our industry that makes purchasing even simpler, faster and more cost-efficient,” says Franchitti.

Our world-class Global Spare Parts organisation serves Tetra Pak’s customers around the world by ensuring that if a machine goes down today, it can be back up and running tomorrow. Tetra Pak genuine spare parts are designed and tested for the best performance in the food and beverage industry. 

When an ice cream producer in North America was in urgent need to replace a broken load cell, which is critical for production, Tetra Pak was there to quickly deliver a replacement through a hand-carried express order. This enabled production to be restored within 12 hours to minimise downtime and production losses. Tetra Pak services resolves such critical issues on a daily basis.​

Boosting customer performance around the world

Customers are increasingly interested in optimising the overall performance of their operations. “Our services look at an entire customer’s operations to broaden the scope beyond Tetra Pak equipment and help optimise their entire operations,” explains Franchitti.

A dairy cooperative in the Americas needed help to ensure more stable output from their production. In 2019, Tetra Pak signed and delivered the first Tetra Pak® Plant Secure contact to improve operating expenses and quality while maximising output. The contract involved managing operations, maintenance and spare parts, and utilising digital technologies to monitor and prevent the failure of key equipment before they happen through condition monitoring of auxiliary third-party equipment.

Being willing to take risks in partnership with our customer was key to sealing an outcome-based service agreement with a US based beverage manufacturer. The customer had experienced declining performance at their plants and Tetra Pak helped them to realise a 10 per cent cost saving in the first 12 months of the agreement. We have also identified oppor­tunities to increase overall equipment effective­ness by 28 per cent, which would increase production by >30 million packages and deliver savings of approximately €2 million.

The Brazilian food production company Jussara Alimentos wanted to reduce costs and increase their production line efficiency. We helped to identify where the most cost-­effective improvements could be made. This resulted in an increase in their factory index by 16 per cent, which includes production line efficiency and reduced packaging waste, to realise cost savings of around €1.6 million throughout the duration of the contract.

A European dairy alternatives company also wanted to improve operational efficiency to produce more packs. We managed to increase operational performance in 2019 by 12 per cent, with peaks of 15 per cent, to enable additional capacity to produce an incremental 6 billion packs. The company is very satisfied with the result that has enabled more production at no investment cost. 

“Our services provide customers with a unique opportunity to innovate, boost their competitiveness, enhance food safety and quality, and minimise their use of resources,” concludes Franchitti. “This benefits not only their business, but also consumers and society as a whole.”​​